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With Illness Finder you detect the illness that induces symptoms by looking up signs and disease symptoms to perform a medical diagnosis based on different factors.

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Illnessfinder is a medical diagnostic tool that looks up signs and disease symptoms of illnesses and lists different disorders and diseases. Illnessfinder’s medical diagnosis are based on disease symptoms, health conditions, medical signs, gender, age, risk factors and incidence or prevalence of illnesses.



Medical signs and the illness that causes symptoms with illness

Blood tests are great indicators to disorders and some of them used in Illnessfinder are; white blood cell count, total (whole blood) elevated, oxygen saturation (whole blood) levels low, enlargement of red blood cells, white blood cell count, total (whole blood) low, lactic acid (whole blood) levels elevated, hemoglobin (whole blood) levels elevated, red cell count (whole blood) elevated, blood protein levels elevated, hemoglobin (whole blood) levels low, few platelets in blood, blood urea nitrogen, BUN (plasma or serum) elevated, hematocrit (whole blood) low, small red blood cells, oxygen saturation (whole blood) levels elevated, platelet count (whole blood) elevated, red cell count (whole blood) low, white blood cell count, differential (whole blood) elevated, ph (whole blood) levels low, cortisol level (in saliva or blood) elevated by midnight and so forth.

Disease symptoms and the illness that causes symptoms with illness

By picking more medical signs and disease symptoms, the closer one get to the diagnosis of the actual diseaseas. Illnessfinder uses more than 1000 disease symptoms and medical signs. Some of the disease symptoms used in Illnessfinder are; abdominal distention, dorsalgia (backache), orthopnoea, constipation (obstipation), dystaxia (lack of coordination), syncope, oliguria, visual impairment, prolonged bleeding, vertigo, coordination impairment, cramp in abdomen, blepharitis, blindness, blisters, chicken skin, chilliness, goitre, struma, bronchocele, goiter, lumps in groin, pain in groin, growth delayed, slow growth, poor bone growth, bleeding from gums, grey discolouration of gums, pain in gums, swelling of gums, hair brittle, dryness of hair, hirsutism, hair excessive in women, hair loss, baldness, hallucinations, false perceptions, hammer toe and so forth.

Medical diagnosis of disorders and diseases and the illness that causes symptoms with illness

To be able to make a medical diagnosis of diseases and disorders one must use all medical diagnostic means possible. Illnessfinder uses factors such as gender, age, risk factors, disease symptoms, medical signs, incidence and prevalence factors. Illnessfinder uses more than 1000 disorders and diseases. Some of the illnesses are keratoconus, ketoacidosis, kidney cancer, polycystic kidney disease, acute renal failure, chronic renal failure, nephritis, kidney injury, kidney stones, diabetic nephropathy, korsakoff's syndrome, krabbe's disease, kuru, labyrinthitis, lactose intolerance, bowel obstruction, viscera larval migrans, laryngitis, lead poisoning, legionnaire's disease, leishmaniasis, leprosy, leptospirosis, letterer-siwe disease, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, chronic myeloid leukemia, hairy cell leukemia, myeloid leukemia, lichen planus, lichen simplex chronicus, pyogenic liver abscess, liver cancer, lufs, lung cancer and so forth.
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