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Sue Waters
2008-12-07 09:25:54
I am a 54 year old woman, have gone through menopause ok, but I am 5ft and 95 ks and would dearly love to lose weight, always been overweight, and seem to have this barrier to losing weight, like a self sabotage. Can someone help me please, thanks in advance

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Zahid Haider
2008-12-12 17:05:25
Try natrum phos 6x,5tab twice daily before meal for 1month.Along with you can try fucus vesiculosus Q 10 drops twice daily for 1month.If any help needed,you can mail at
sarah meyer
2008-12-11 10:03:02
Dear Sue,
You don't say what you have tried or whether you think your extra weight is due to menopause, poor diet, lack of exercise or what. What do you think? I wonder if a few extra pounds after menopause is not a normal biological adaptation that we don't yet understand. However, if it is due to poor diet or lack of exercise, that is something you can attack in a positive and pleasant way. Really! First, give yourself a break and don't expect fast results of yourself. Second, if you haven't already, take a close look at your approach to food: only put into your shopping cart things your grandmother would have recognized, i.e., real not processed food. It tastes a lot better. Third, start walking 30 minutes each day: think of fun ways to do that: museums, parks, woods, etc. Finally, even models don't really look like models. I think she should respect our bodies and appreciate their good health rather than trying to make them accord to some image. Cosmetic surgery is horrific. Good luck.
Sue Waters
2008-12-07 19:50:30
Use phytolaca ,pulsatella alternatelly for one month and tell the condition
dr. mohsin
2008-12-07 12:43:49
Hi Sue

I am 52 and also post-menopausal. For the past 6 years the kilos have just been piling on. I can honestly recommend His wesite is great and his approach to weightloss non-judgemental, easy and fun. His foodplan is simple and based on age-old science. If you could get hold of any of his exercise tapes/dvds, you'll have a lot of fun with those to golden oldies. I am losing weight by following his advice. About 1 kg a month by just checking what I eat (and I'm not too strict) and exercising to his tapes 3/4 times a week.
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